The new Lemon Bergamot Cardamom Natural Lip Balm is here!

Formulated to protect your lips from harsh winds, sun and snow, this stimulating and energizing lip balm is also excellent for moisturizing chapped lips. Featuring natural beeswax, soybean oil and mango seed butter, you get an excellent protective barrier and moisturizing properties for your most sensitive skin.


Natural Lip Balm
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We are zzyng. We're proud to offer a superior brand of natural products designed specifically to fit the needs of active lifestyles. We've researched the best natural ingredients and combined our passion for sport to give you the best for your body. zzyng natural ingredients include:

sunflower seed oil: 100% natural sunflower seed oil is fresh and exceptionally rich in Vitamin E.

soybean oil: As a protein-rich emollient, soybean oil provides antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex, which are key to helping restore lips to a healthy state.

beeswax: With natural water repellent properties that lock in moisture, beeswax contains a small amount of Vitamin A and is excellent for cell development as well retaining anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

hemp seed oil: An excellent protective barrier against harsh conditions, hemp seed oil is the only plant oil with Vitamin D and is also rich in the essential fatty acids that are proven to play a preventative role in skin aging.

meadowfoam seed oil: As one of the most stable oils, and a renewable crop, this oil helps maintain a longer shelf life while its natural properties help to nourish, soften and soothe chapped lips.

mango seed butter: Great for your lips; mango seed butter adds its smooth texture while it moisturizes and re-conditions lips with a superb effect.

candelilla wax: A natural, plant-derived element that helps to conserve internal moisture. Combined with other oils and extracts, you get a long-lasting protective shield.

stevia: A natural sweetener with a naturally-occurring antibacterial effect, stevia helps to enhance fragrances, heal skin blemishes and has a hydrating effect proven three times better than glycerin.

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zzyng is dedicated to developing natural skincare products that meet the specific needs of active lifestyles across all sports and activities. We're inspired by competition. We're inspired by desire, passion and the little voice inside us all that says: "keep going." We're inspired by success, defeat and the people that crave more every day, no matter the consequence.

We're inspired by where you've been, what you've accomplished and what still lies ahead. So, tell us your stories.




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Lemon Bergamot Cardamom Natural Lip Balm
This Lemon Bergamot Cardamom formula provides lip rejuvenation, hydration and SPF 15 sun protection. Excellent for pounding the pavement, crashing through waves or riding that hill that never seems to end.

Available as a 3-pack for only $9.00!


I Bike Milwaukee

This is an original zzyng formula! Developed for MKE cyclists and bike fans, this Grapefruit flavored Natural Lip Balm is great for this fall riding season!
$1 from each sale goes to support the Wisconsin Bike Federation!

Ride Happy. Ride Free. Ride MKE.


Citrus Endurance

This is Citrus Endurance Natural Lip Balm was formulated with organic Grapefruit essential oils. For sport or just the everyday routine, the zesty flavor is sure to get you going!
Once available only to our east coast retailers, we're making this Citrus Endurance flavor available ALL!

Order a 3-pack today for just $8.50!



zzyng nipple balmAt the battlefront of shirt and skin, you’ve got your nipples. Your sensitive, tender bits go totally unprotected, subject to the friction and chafing that fiercely erupts beneath that polyester blend shirt. In this ruthless clash of woven textile and epidermis, there is no winner - there is only hope that a remarkable balm will reconcile these two opposing elements. That remarkable balm is here.



Forgive us for being blunt, but we're in business to make money so we can do the things that we love doing. It just so happens, that we love creating natural products that allow you to keep doing the things that you love doing. Like a balm that keeps your lips healthy, so you can keep riding the slopes. Or a muscle balm that heals your muscles so you can wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.


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We are zzyng. We create natural products for active lifestyles. With natural ingredients, most locally grown, we make the products that protect, heal and replenish some of your most important body parts.

So, keep riding, keep running and keep your passion because zzyng has the balms and body therapies to keep you going.

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